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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • 18 Apr

    Rural Internet Access Program

    Syban and Strathcona county are Teaming Up! **UPDATED Dec 6 ** In an effort to get high quality, fast internet to the county of Strathcona the Rural Internet Access Program is being implemented. There will be up to 100 towers being installed in the county to increase residences options when...

  • 17 Apr

    Introducing Syban Edge

    The Product: Syban is excited to start introducing our new system Syban Edge. This new system is currently being deployed across our entire network as quickly as possible. Essentially its a new line of products being manufactured by a company we have known and trusted for years. Cambium Networks...

  • 12 Apr

    New Tower Near Camrose

    New “Big Camrose” Tower A new tower has been added to the Syban Fleet just outside of Camrose.  It’s a 250 foot guided tower with all the bells and whistles.  We have beefed it up with the Syban Edge gear as well as a direct link to fibre.  This...