Introducing Syban Edge

The Product:

Syban is excited to start introducing our new system Syban Edge. This new system is currently being deployed across our entire network as quickly as possible. Essentially its a new line of products being manufactured by a company we have known and trusted for years. Cambium Networks (formerly Motorola Canopy) has an exciting new product line called PMP 450. We have been testing and implementing this system for months now and are rolling it out as quickly as we can. Its versatility and quality is allowing us to create a network like no other.

Our Goal:

We are engineering our network to be as fast and reliable as possible.   We are building the network to provide up to 15Mbps on a consistent basis.  This means we want you at all times to be able to get the content at all times even during peak times.  We see other providers claiming speeds of 15, 25 or even 50Mbps but this is a very bold statement and can be very mis-leading!  We feel if we can keep our speed an quality consistent 15 Mbps is plenty for the average user.  This is enough for 2 simultaneous HD video streams and still have enough for someone to surf and someone else to play x-box.

Bottom Line:

This new system is very expensive and rolling it out will be time consuming.  We will be absorbing most of the costs of this new network once again however there can be additional costs involved on the customer end.  There may an upgrade fee of $99 or any additional equipment (tripod, mast, tower etc.) that may be required as well.  Please call us for more information Contact Us