Rural Internet Access Program

Syban and Strathcona county are Teaming Up! **UPDATED Dec 6 **

In an effort to get high quality, fast internet to the county of Strathcona the Rural Internet Access Program is being implemented. There will be up to 100 towers being installed in the county to increase residences options when it comes to getting a quality connection.  Syban is one of the two companies that have been selected to help the county with this.

Syban was given the first few sub divisions to start with and we have secured landowners who are willing to allow us to put towers on their properties.  We have also received development permits for the first couple as well.  Over the next few weeks we will anticipate approval for the other sub divisions as well.  We will then be constructing towers in order to serve these areas.

These first few sub-divisions are as follows:

  • Mark IV Estates – Operational
  • Lueders Ridge – Operational
  • McConnel Estates – Operational
  • Richlyn Estates – Operational
  • Jaymoor Estates – Operational
  • Century Meadows – Operational
  • Century Estates – Operational
  • Twin Island Park – Operational
  • Baronwood – Nearby Tower Upgraded and Operational
  • Tanglewood – Nearby Tower Upgraded and Operational
  • Queensdale Place North – Operational
  • Queensdale Place South – Operational
  • Williams Park – Development Permit cancelled, residence happy with current coverage
  • Hyland Hills – Nearby Tower Upgraded and Operational
  • Roman Estates – Operational
  • Antler Meadows – Tower being installed
  • Farrell Properties – Tower being installed
  • Meadowland Estates – Tower being installed
  • Verden Place – Operational
  • Bristol Estates – Operational
  • Patricia Glen – Operational
  • Los Villas  – Operational


We have been given the next list of areas and are in the process of finding the best locations and hosts in order to get the best coverage.  There are a dozen or so locations included in this.  Please check back here or on the Strathcona site for updates.

If you feel you and your sub-division or area has terrible coverage and would like to be added to the list or you are willing to host a tower in this program you can either contact us by email or phone or you can visit the Strathcona website below for more information.

Please Contact Syban

Strathcona Rural Internet Access Program (Click Here)