Residential Basic
35GB Monthly Usage
Standard Speed
5 Emails
$49.95 per month
75GB Monthly Usage
Enhanced Media Speed *
10 Emails
$64.95 per month
Mega Multimedia
150GB Monthly Usage
Enhanced Media Speed *
15 Emails
$84.95 per month
Preferred Business
This is a service that will be coming soon...
Syban Systems News
No More Term Contracts!

No More Term Contracts.

Thats right! We are so confident in our service and product that we are no longer requiring you to lock into any term contracts.

New Towers in Strathcona

New Towers in Strathcona County

We would like to announce the addition of 4 new towers and all the customers that come with them in the Strathcona County area. As of May 1st Syban has acquired a handful of towers and a few hundred customers to our family.


Our Network:

Our Customers

We strive to provide the best experience possible for our customers. With the new system in place we hope to provide a system that our customers need in order to do the everyday tasks plus use facilities such as ©Netflix, ©Apple TV and ©Youtube type applications. As with all new endeavours there may be a learning curve and we hope you are patient as we roll out our new system.